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What I have been up to.

Mainly illness, although I've decided that drinking wine tonight may help kill germs.


Today I went to the movies to see "Sherrybaby" except when I got to the cinema they told me it was only on at 2.30 on Thursdays and Fridays.

So I went shopping and bought cheap jewellery and a bag instead.

On the weekend I watched "Glengarry Glen Ross" which is the most boring movie of all time. I had forgotten it was a David Mamet play/film so when I saw his name pop up in the opening credits my heart sank. God he sucks. I have no idea why anyone respects him as a writer; the guy couldn't write likeable characters or realistic sounding dialogue if his life depended on it. Thankfully I only paid £3 for it (and it's a double DVD with a shitload of extras that I have no interest in watching) but if any of you are fans and can play British DVDs and would like it? Email me your address.


The other £3 DVD I bought was "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" which is not boring at all. In fact it's seriously, seriously disturbing. I thought maybe it might be dated now and would not be as creepy as it was when it was released, but no. It's a totally traumatic viewing experience that I can't say I enjoyed much. I love Bette Davis a lot--and she was marvellously OTT and grotesque as Baby Jane--but I kept wishing I was watching "All About Eve" instead, because she's so loveable and funny in that film. The documentary extra "All About Bette" was more fun and it made me want to watch more of her films. Joan Crawford is also fabulous. I think I need to have an old-movie watching spree. Any old movie buffs on my flist? Recs for Davis or Crawford films would be appreciated.


COMICS. I finished "The Long Halloween" the other night and am now reading its sequel "Dark Victory". These are the first Batman comics I've read (although obviously Batman has appeared in many others) and just. WOW. I love Batman. I love Superman too (and Clark will always be my favourite), but the only Supes comic that has done anything for me so far is "Birthright", whereas stories involving Batman seem to be more interesting. I suspect he generally makes for a better protagonist because he's not invulnerable.

He's flawed and dark and inpenetratable and lonely and full of anger, and he crosses lines he shouldn't sometimes. But he's also cleverer than everyone else and he loves Gotham despite how miserable and fucked up it is, and he's inherently a good man who does the right (or wrong) things for the right reasons. (Very important to me.)

Dick hasn't turned up on the scenes yet; I believe that's about to happen. *glees* So far my favourite bits are when Bats hooks up with Catwoman (so fucking sexy. I LOVE HER.) or Bruce with Selena. Yayz! Is there much good BatCat porn out there? And did I mention the art in this comic? Beautiful.

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