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Live 8!

My mass email review:

Okay, when the concert opened with Paul McCartney and U2 doing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (it was 20 years ago today!) I admit it, I got a little emotional. I may even have shed a tear or two. But come ON, I was seeing a Beatle. A *Beatle*. Bono, quite rightly, asks after they're done, "Did that just happen?" Then U2 went on to do a relatively boring set, none of which especially interested me. I guess I'm just not a big enough fan to, well. Care.

Coldplay sucked. Seriously. They sucked. And Chris Martin, twat that he is, invited a "special guest" on stage, introducing him as the best singer in the world, and naming his song the best song ever written. So when Richard Ashcroft from the Verve walked on I lost whatever remaining respect I had for Chris Martin. (Read a review of a recent Coldplay concert this morning and Chris apparently said to the audience that Supergrass (their support act) were still the best band in the world, so he clearly has a penchant for hyperbole.) Ashcroft did Unfinished Symphony, of course, which made me laugh and comment to Pete that the only reason that song is good is because of the riff, which is from a Rolling Stones song, and the reason the Verve didn't make a dime from that single.

Dido. Pete and I took this opportunity to go for a walk, because Dido makes us both want to kill ourselves.

Sterophonics. *sigh* Yes. Probably the highlight of the entire concert for me, pathetically. I am deeply, deeply in love with Kelly Jones (the divine lead singer), and man, they were *tight*. So good. So, so, very, very, wonderful and good. And sexy. And I can't be objective here. But, guh. Plus, they did Dakota. *dies*

Ms Dynamite. Yuck. I mean, God, just shut up. You suck. Although, she redeemed herself slightly by doing a cover of, ahem, Redemption Song. Though I think that might have only been good (despite the incredibly lame rap in the middle of it) because of the amazing backing singers, who sounded like a gospel choir. Also, anyone who says "aks" instead of "ask" should not be allowed to speak in public.

Keane were good actually. Lovely, undemanding, catchy tunes to sing along to. Although they only did two, sadly.

REM. Well, old Stipey had some seriously bizarre blue makeup smeared all around his eyes, making him look like an aging comic book hero, but yeah, they were great.

Snoop Doggy Dog. Absolutely brilliant. Some much needed sexiness and flava, he got the crowd pumped up and we were all waving our hands in the air, like we just don' care, etc.

Razorlight. Yeah, baby! Rock on!

Madonna. Didn't much care for Like A Prayer, although I like that song. In fact, I was a little worried that she was going to disappoint me. But then she did Ray of Light and Music, which RULED. She got the whole of Hyde Park clapping our hands above our heads. Such a pro.

Snow Patrol. Their first song sounded like shit, but they were adorably humble, and told us to get excited because the Killers were on after them. Their second song (you know, the famous one) fared much better though, and was effectively stirring, mainly because of the video playing on the screens of little black children blowing out candles.

The Killers. Totally sweet, though why they only did one number is beyond me, because we love them.

Joss Stone. I don't care how great your voice is. You're eighteen years old and you are not allowed to sing soul music. Just. Fuck. Off.

The Scissor Sisters. Good. No. *Really* good. However, their choice to play a brand new Scissor Sisters song that none of us had ever heard before as their last song was a mistake, and a little bit arrogant.

Robbie Williams. I hate to admit it, I really do, but he rocked. He got the biggest reaction of the whole concert, and I went nuts when he played Let Me Entertain You. And being part of a hundred and fifty thousand strong crowd, all singing Angels, was really special, and you'd have to be a robot not to be a little moved (or in my case, excited, and singing my lungs out).

The Who. Dude, they wailed. Nice.

Pink Floyd. Just, wow. *Wow*.

Other highlights:

Flicking over on the big screens to Will Smith's speech in Philadelphia with the clicking of the fingers and stuff was cool and moving. Love Will Smith. Love. Him. Flicking over to various different acts from other Live 8s that got the crowd pumped: Green Day, Bon Jovi doing Living on a Prayer, remaining Beach Boys doing Good Vibrations were all totally sweet and awesome.

Non Musical Highlight: When the big screen on the stage started listing random names of random people who had gone onto the Live 8 website and signed their names, I nudged Pete and said, "hey look, it's your name!" Beat. "Just kidding." I got a slap for that.

Non Musical Lowlight. The chicken burger I decided would be a good idea. It really wasn't.
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