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Tell me you love me!

I didn't go to work today because I am sick. Getting sick in the middle of summer is not on at all, although I'm happy to be at home. I plan to watch TV and read comics today. After I write this post, of course.

The thing I want to tell you about today is an HBO show that's starting in the fall, called "Tell Me You Love Me".

"HBO is about to heat up TV screens this fall with numerous scenes of unsimulated sex. No, it's not 'Real Sex' or 'Cathouse', two of the networks' steamiest reality series. It's a new fictional drama entitled 'Tell Me You Love Me' and it's already got America talking. The show is a realistic look at the day to day lives of three married couples. How realistic? The first episode features a woman (played by 'Lost' actress Sonya Walger) masturbating her husband (Adam Scott) to orgasm... and nothing is left to the imagination. Later episodes are said to feature 45 year old actress Ally Walker (former star of 'Profiler') give an unsimulated blowjob to an unnamed 19 year old actor; actress Sherry Stringfield ('ER') masturbating with a vibrator; and actress Katharine Towne ('Blades of Glory') being fingered by 'Lost' actor Ian Somerhalder, who later masturbates and climaxes on her bare chest. How will people take all of this in the prime time market? 'Tell Me You Love Me' is set to air at 10PM on Sundays, not exactly the usual hour for acts of this nature to be broadcast on HBO."

WHOO! Okay, I'm as nervous as I am excited about this show. It's got some promising people involved: Patricia Rozema is the series director, and while I haven't seen most of what she's made in the past, she is responsible for one of my favourite films, the gorgeously erotic, lesbian love story, "When Night Is Falling" (I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of this). And the series cinematographer (Alan Caso) also worked on Six Feet Under.

So maybe?

Unsurprisingly, it's getting a lot of press attention, and the comeback from the show's PTB is that it's not about sex but about intimacy, and that "the point isn't to be prurient".

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT THEN. I mean, if seeing Ian Somerhalder come all over a woman's tits isn't meant to turn me on (God I hope it does. God I hope it's not gross. God I hope it's both realistic and horny as hell) then I'm not sure why we need to see it. I've talked about this before: explicit sex is unnecessary unless you *are* trying to be prurient. Why put the actors through it otherwise? Why ask actors to fuck each other and come all over each other if you don't want to turn us on?

So yes, they're saying it's "not about the sex" and we're supposed to believe them? I don't know about you, but that's the only reason I'm going to check the show out. Certainly not because I give a flying fuck about the "language of intimacy". BWAHAHAHAHA.

A strangely unsexy promo for the show can be found here
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