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First order of business. Please all go and join my new comm!

If you support the idea that we should be able to write whatever fiction we want, join up. Pimp far and wide. (It's a political statement as much as anything else, obviously. Although if I get time today I will try to write a story to post in my shiny comm.)

And just so you know, I am planning to stay on LJ. I have accounts with every other journal service out there, but I love it here a lot and I don't want to move. I hope there isn't a mass exodus because I will miss you all.


The emmys are a fucking disgrace. I hate awards shows a lot anyway and I know I shouldn't get so damn angry about them, but I think it's because a lot of people take this shit seriously. I'm not happy about any of it really. I mean, it's great that Dennis Leary got a nomination for "Rescue Me", because I love that show, but while they're acknowledging "Rescue Me", where is Callie Thorne's nomination?

Mostly I'm absolutely appalled and disgusted that "The Wire" has been entirely snubbed, and that "Friday Night Lights" has been mostly snubbed. In favour of fucking HEROES. And GREY'S ANATOMY. I just. Who in their right mind thinks either of those shows is great drama? Neither even fucking compares to "The Wire", which, as anyone who has watched it knows, is one of the, if not THE best dramas ever made.

The website Metacritic, which gathers reviews from published news sources and translates them into a percentage score, has assigned to The Wire's fourth season a weighted average score of 98%, the highest for any television show since Metacritic began tracking them in 2005.


In more positive news, I finally listened to the infamous Loveline show starring Michael Rosenbaum.

*dies of love*

I think it must have been built up too much or something, because I honestly didn't find it that bad. It didn't make me cringe and it didn't embarrass me at ALL. In fact, I thought Mike was delightful and funny and incredibly sweet. To be a big TV star and be that open and shameless really did make me love him quite desperately, and I get the impression that he is an extremely nice guy, even if he is a bit clueless about a lot of stuff.

romanyg, I totally agree with you that Mike is as straight and vanilla as they come, and I now also highly doubt that he would have had a homosexual experience. After chats with Melissa on the subject I would change my vote to Jensen.
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