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Comics and fashion

I'm learning all about comics at the moment, thanks to literaryll and a few others who're educating me. miss_tress kindly sent me a bunch (that I requested!) recently and I started with the Spiderman comics because so far I've only read DC stuff and also I really like the Spidey films and the sexy costume and his powers are choice, so I've been dying to try him out.

I like spiders. (It's my job to get rid of spiders in my house because Nina is phobic and I always catch them and release them into the wild. O:))

Anyway, I LOVE HIM. He's so funny. I love how when he's fighting bad guys he's having fun and he's constantly making witty remarks about how much they suck. There's a lightheartedness about him that's wonderfully cute and refreshing (and HOT). Both Spidey comics I've read so far have made me laugh out loud and I do plan to go to Forbidden Planet soon and buy something Batman related, but also I want some really good Spidey stuff. Recommendations are appreciated!

Now. Comics fandom seems to be mostly about DC, or am I just unobservant? Is there a Marvel fandom in the same way? With porn and slash and stuff? Or is comics fandom all just connected and most of you read both? Or do comics fans prefer one or the other generally? Is there antagonism between Marvel and DC fans? Wank? *hopeful* Someone talk me through it please. See, while I love the DC stuff I've read, I was *delighted* by the humour and lack of angst in the Spidey comics.



I think we can all agree that skinny jeans were the worst thing to happen to fashion in years. No one looked good in them. Not even skinny girls, because they still just made their legs look short. Ten foot tall models made them look awesome, but that's not a good enough reason for something to become cool. Everyone bought those fucking things; many of my friends, and sorry if you succumbed, but no. What a disaster for women and legs.

Now everywhere I look, girls are wearing leggings underneath skirts or dresses or tunics or whatever. I remember when I was about fourteen (which was over fifteen years ago btw) I loved my leggings but I didn't fucking know any fucking better, so you can forgive me. WHY THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN.

I'm not really into fashion; I'm pretty stylish but I do tend to stick to things I know look good on me (also, comfort is v important to me), and every year I see horrendous crimes against fashion committed, all in the name of keeping up to date, with complete disregard for what actually flatters the figure.

I invite you all to complain about bad fashion/clothes which should never have become popular.
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