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To het or to slash?

Hullo livejournal.

I have a small hangover today because I spent yesterday afternoon drinking and gossiping with toadstoolsmiles. It was so good to see her! She had me laughing my ass off all day. ♥


I may or may not have a crush on Nightwing.


I have added "het" to my list of interests, because most of the pairings I like seem to be het and most of the pairings I hate seem to be slash. I mean, I do love certain slash pairings (Clex, Fraser/RayK, Harry/Draco [shutup], Michael/Mahone), but generally I find it's a hard sell with me, and it's definitely not my default setting.

If the gay subtext isn't there in the canon I don't seem to be inclined to invent it myself. I also enjoy some male relationships that don't happen to involve anal sex and blowjobs (I know. It's crazy!). Friends, brothers, fathers and sons etc etc... I have discovered that strictly heterosexual boys can charm me just as much as occasionally gay heterosexual boys.

That said, I'm finding Deadwood quite slashy. Anyone else? Seth and Al would have great sex. I might be attracted to relationships that begin with mutual loathing due to opposing values, but then progress towards grudging respect, all because they're so helplessly attracted to each other's charisma. Yes.

I don't read a lot of het though, because it's often...um...terrible? I just read one story right now that almost put me off ever having sex again. It starred this woman who couldn't get enough of sex but was really ashamed of herself for her desperation to be fucked, and the guy basically treated her like a woman shaped hole for his cock, yet also like it was this huge burden to fuck her because she was so pathetic. And it was really creepy and abusive and gross and I think it was supposed to be hot? I don't even know, but I may never recover.

I should write another story soon. I miss Clex, so maybe Clex.

Because Clex is the ultimate slash pairing! And I think it's because you'd have to be blind not to see it, they're both really really hot and porny, and, as Becky pointed out to me yesterday, they actually had to tone down the rampant homoerotica after the first few seasons, because it was TOO gay. HAHAHAHA. Smallville wins again.
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