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Fandom timeline; comedy; pairing squicks

What the hell happened in 2002? Me and radioreverie MUST KNOW.

Melissa: and god, some new show is totally going to be the Heroes/SPN of the year, isn't it?
Kate: i imagine so
Kate: sigh
Melissa: I wonder if there's ever been a year when no new shows became fandomy
Melissa: because this past season we had Heroes, before that SPN, before that Veronica Mars, before that....I actually don't know
Kate: what year was VM
Melissa: 2004
Kate: hmm
Kate: when was sga?
Melissa: dunno
Kate: 2004
Kate: i can't think of a way to find out what shows came out in 2003
Kate: this is going to bug me now
Kate: what other big fandoms are there
Melissa: my big fandomy show that year was Angel, but that had of course been around for a while
Kate: yes.
Kate: smallville was 2001
Kate: but what about 2002 and 2003
Melissa: hmmmm
Melissa: I suppose just think of major fandoms?
Kate: yes
Kate: um
Kate: um
Kate: House
Kate: that's too recent
Melissa: Joan of Arcadia?
Kate: i don’t know that show
Melissa: that had a pretty big fandom
Melissa: for a short while
Melissa: it was lame
Melissa: horrible, horrible show
Kate: 2003!
Kate: i just looked it up
Kate: so now we need one from 2002
Kate: and i will be able to sleep tonight
Melissa: heeeeeee
Melissa: One Tree Hill?
Kate: no, 2003
Melissa: damn
Kate: ooh, and QAF is 2000
Kate: so we've done the whole century so far, but for one year
Kate: Damn, LotR was 2001
Kate: i don't think anything happened in 2002
Melissa: 2002 was not a good year generally
Melissa: music sucked that year too
Kate: well there you go
Melissa: there are ducks outside my window
Melissa: being loud
Kate: i love ducks!
Kate: :)

Please help us. Let's make a fandom timeline.


This conversation going on in my LJ between two complete strangers is amusing me immensely. I’d reply to poor Veronica with this icon:

But lil_itu is doing such a great job of insulting her, I've decided to leave them to it. *beams happily*

ETA. *koff* I take it back. I decided to get involved.


Tell me what pairings absolutely squick you, and why.

I generally hate incest pairings and not actually because I have a problem with incest fic per se – as long as it’s twisted and disturbing and wrong, I’m down with it (and can find it very hot). But happy, fluffy, romantic incest is so gross to me. I’m deeply squicked by Wincest, and while I don’t hate Nathan/Peter with the same intensity, I certainly don’t like them like I used to because much of the fandom has turned them into a twirling dancing OTP, which creeps me out.

There are lots of pairings I dislike/am confused by/find gross, like John/Rodney, Sam/Dean, Mohinder/Sylar, but it doesn’t really matter because I don’t or no longer watch the shows. I suspect when you’re a fan of a show, ship squicks will hit you much harder. I have discovered this, because the pairing that I think I hate the absolute most, the pairing that makes me shudder forever and ever, is House/Wilson.

OH GOD. I accidentally clicked on a link to a manip yesterday and I’m still traumatised. It was a PG manip, but they were being all romantic together! *cries and cries*

I have serious problems with House being slashed, I won’t lie. I have even more problems with House being turned into a woobie. I can’t even. House would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS have sex with Wilson. And VICE VERSA. I would actually be interested in hearing a defence of this pairing; a convincing explanation as to why they’re secretly in love (other than that Wilson is House’s only friend).
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