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Weekend roundup

GIP. As much as I love Superman, Batman giving the thumbs up in this icon is the funniest thing of all time. *continues to laugh*

Speaking of comics! The sweet, generous, amazing literaryll is educating me, and it's going very well. I spent yesterday on the couch in a fragile state, watching Smallville (Fanatic and Lockdown. I have to say right: Lex has an incredibly nice ass. I tried to find a screencap of his ass just now but to no avail I'm afraid. No wonder Clark can't get enough of it.) and reading Batgirl, Year One.

BATGIRL ROCKS SO MUCH. I love her snarkiness and how she mocks Robin relentlessly and calls him Pixie Boots but how she also fancies him. ♥ I have also been introduced to the Teen Titans, which means that I can start reading porn by thete1 again. TE PORN. Oh how I've missed thee.


I watched the first three episodes of "Deadwood". I am pretty much hooked I think because I was annoyed when I got to the end of the disc and had no more to watch. IAN MCSHANE. He's such a repellent character but my GOD. The guy has so much charisma.

I found all the swearing really strange at first; like, unrealistic? All the fucks and cocksukers and cunts etc...but actually, the script is so good that I'm okay with it now. You know me! I do love bad language.
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