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Sexism in fandom

I agree with this post.

This rant is aimed at a certain type of fangirl. (None of you flist, I'm hoping.)

Arguments I hate:

I don't like female characters because they're always badly written.

Uh no. Lana and Lois are not written any worse than Clark or Lex. If the female characters in your shows aren't well written I can almost guarantee the male characters aren't either. But you don't care about that, do you! Because you're not jealous or resentful of the male characters. You find them attractive, so inconsistent or shallow characterisation doesn't bother you. If you *want* well written female characters (which I kind of get the impression you don't), watch better television. (Try The L Word, Rescue Me, Friday Night Lights or Battlestar Galactica, to name but a few.)

I hold female characters to higher standards.

WHY? Really. Ask yourself why. And what exactly do you expect from your female characters? For them to be perfect? More like men? Less attractive? Not a love interest for your favourite male character?

It's okay to call women whores and sluts and bimbos because the powers that be cast actresses who look like whores.

Please go die in a fire. What does "look like a whore" even mean? That she has breasts? Curves? Isn't afraid of her own body? Arrives on set with a dick hanging out of her mouth? And for the last fucking time, there is nothing wrong with women who are sexy. There is nothing wrong with women who enjoy casual sex. There is nothing wrong with women who wear revealing clothing. There is nothing wrong with women who have breast implants. There is nothing wrong with women who have sex for money. If you can only be bothered to respect women who fit in with your old fashioned, sexist ideals, you're a misogynist fuck. The end.

It's a male dominated industry and men don't know how to write good female characters.

OH PLEASE. There are plenty of women writing in television and there are plenty of men who write great roles for women. And given that we are a female-dominated community who write male characters *all the time*, I really don't have even the slightest bit of patience for that argument.

I don't like female characters as much because I tend not to identify with them.

Bullshit. You can't identify with Buffy or Willow or Tara or Anya, but Spike's your favourite? Whatthefuckever, you bloodsucking, soulless, chain smoking vampire.

I am outraged that the industry only ever casts beautiful, thin, sexy women.

(ETA. I just want to clarify this last paragraph because I have, understandably, annoyed a few people who feel justified in their outrage at the industry. Outrage at the industry is encouraged! Outrage at the actresses themselves, or the characters they play, is not.)

Why do I never hear anyone complaining about the hot, sexy men that get cast in television? Why is it okay for the Supernatural PTB to cast Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (don't be telling me the reason for that show's popularity is the exceptional storytelling) but not gorgeous women? Do you really think Tom Welling was cast for his acting ability? Why do so many fangirls want the hot men, but prefer the female actresses to be plain? It's almost as if they don't consider physically attractive women to be real people. They're not "one of us" so we can't possibly identify with them.

The double standard here kills me.

You know what? Female characters are not your enemy.
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