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The Wire - season 4

I'm all caught up on "The Wire" and can now read about it without fear of being spoiled. YAY.

Apparently season 5 will be the last season? This is very very sad.

I absolutely *loved* the season 4 version of "Way Down in the Hole", and was amazed to read on wiki that it "was arranged and recorded specifically for the show, and is performed by a group called "DoMaJe", made up of five Baltimore teenagers." Great voices, sexiest version of the song yet, and fitting that they used young singers given the theme of season 4.

Bodie getting killed (and by Michael too. UGH.) absolutely crushed me. I hated him in season one when he murdered Wallace, but over the years he became one of my favourites, and I completely adored the vibe he had with Jimmy by the end - he was so fearless, yet much cleverer than most of the other street boys, and he had honour, unlike Marlo Stanfield and his frightening, psychopathic crew (has there ever been a scarier female character on television than Snoop?).

Speaking of Jimmy, I missed him a lot this season, but I do love that he gave up homocide because Stringer's death hit him so hard, and I love that he's going *back* to Major Crimes because he feels he owes it to Bodie. Jimmy has this unique way of dealing with the street boys - he respects a lot of them; sometimes he even *likes* them. And next season he'll be playing a more central role again, which is very yay. (I had no clue Dominic West was British, btw. I'm usually quite sensitive to accents that aren't quite right--see the marvellous Aiden Gillen, hee--but I didn't even notice with DW.)

Season 4 continued in the same vein as previous years, by being both real and utterly believable, as well as a poetic and beautiful dystopian vision. The show both loves the city and despairs of it, and even though it's more tragedy than comedy, it's never ever depressing, and it's always engrossing. There's enough hope in the storytelling to keep the show buoyant and exciting. I probably *enjoyed* season 3 more than 4, because I loved Stringer and the Barksdale crew, whereas I despise Marlo and his soldiers, and I found Bubbles' story in S4 incredibly difficult to watch.

But when I think about season 4 I get chills. It may well be the best yet.

The four boys we meet at the beginning are all so different and it's impossible to predict how things will turn out for any of them. Namond was not the one I thought would get a happy, hopeful ending, but I think that's the reason his story was so powerful and so very moving. Michael's story was utterly chilling and genuinely horrific, and the way things turned out for both Randy and Dukie absolutely broke my heart. Oh Mr Prezbo!! He suits being a teacher so much more than being a cop. ♥

Bunny RULES. He and his wife took Namond in! And omg, how much did you LOVE Wee-Bey for telling his (crazy bitch of a) wife to let Namond go. Wee-Bey has always been pretty cool right, but that made me fall madly in love with him. I will be very happy if we see more of him (and Avon, who I missed this season) next year, although I'm not going to get my hopes up. Presumably next year will be about trying to pin the murders (SO MANY MURDERS. *shudders*) on Marlo etc.

Omar remains the most awesome thing ever in existence. From what I can tell, every person who watches "The Wire" worships him, me included.

SIGH. I have no more Wire to watch now. Which is why I have been watching "Roswell". *cries* "Roswell" is so awful but I can't seem to stop myself. *cries more*

Luckily I have now added "Deadwood" to my Lovefilm list; I'm pretty sure that's a show I will like a lot. :)
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