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Last night, just as I was about to start talking all about friending for the evening, my internet box died. Again. I keep bursting into tears whenever I think about it, and it's not just because I hate not having the internet, it's because those internet service provider motherfuckers are DRIVING ME COMPLETELY CRAZY. I feel like such a mug. They really don't seem to give a shit if they lose my business (which is so going to happen now). We won't be getting the box replaced (IT'S THREE WEEKS OLD) until next Tuesday. I guess I was pure evil in a past life and now I'm getting punished? I cannot handle this at all.

I barely slept and my eyes hurt.

If I don't get a chance to respond to your comment on the friending poll post, I'm terribly sorry. I'll try but I'm busy at work right now and about a gazillion people commented and I'm only one person with no internet at home. I've read them all though! Really interesting. I'll definitely do a follow-up post when I'm feeling less suicidal, I promise. :)
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