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Lots of television and the Kate Awards

Last week sucked so much. I had my first real “I hate fandom” experience. Or rather my first, “I hate all the utter cunts in fandom” experience, and I wanted to run away and never come back.

But that’s silly and I don’t really want to run away, so I am forcing myself to post.

My weekend consisted of a massive bender and much TV watching. Mostly I’m watching season 3 of "The Wire", which I believe might actually be the best show ever made. I worship it. And it’s strange because one thing that bugs me about shows like "Heroes" and "Lost" is that the cast is so big you don’t get enough time with the characters you like, but the cast of "The Wire" is probably three times the size and it’s not a problem at all. Great writing and dense, *genuinely* complex storytelling goes a long way, I suppose.

I wish more people made "The Wire" icons. Stringer Bell is one of the hottest characters on TV and I think more people should talk about that. Also, I love Omar. And Jimmy McNulty. And I’m such a dumbass, I didn’t even notice that Jimmy’s ex-wife on "The Wire" is played by Callie Thorne, who plays Sheila in "Rescue Me" AND Pam Mahone in "Prison Break". This basically makes her one of my favourite actresses because she’s so different in each of these shows that I didn’t make the connection. (She should win an emmy for her work on "Rescue Me" though. God.)


I also watched Hidden, and it was too much for me to handle. I’ve become such a rabid Clark fangirl that I simply couldn’t handle watching him die. It traumatised me! And I love Lana now, so seeing her suffer like that was horrendous. Great episode though. Also, season 5 Lex is hot, and that fight Clex have in Mortal is still incredibly sexy.

If I could give out awards it would go like this:

Outstanding Achievement in Drama: “The Wire”
Outstanding New Programme: “Friday Night Lights”
Best Actor: Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Lights”)
Best Actress: Callie Thorne (“Rescue Me”)
Most Attractive Actor In The World: Tom Welling (“Smallville”)

Now tell me yours! I promise I'll try not to judge you. Also, feel free to make up new categories.
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