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We love Lana and Kristin.

First, GIP! My girl girlmostlikely made me this icon especially. AIN'T IT PERFECT!


Melissa and I would like to invite you to join our new comm:



Because we're sick of people slagging Lana off relentlessly and accusing her of being pure evil and the worst character ever and whatnot. We think she's not that bad!

I even kinda love her now.

Look at this outfit she wore one time:

You cannot argue with the hotness of that top, sorry. I don't care how much you hate her.

Thing is, Kristin Kreuk is, like, *extraordinary* looking. I've been collecting photos of her to spam you with today, and some of them have totally blown me away. Even if Lana ain't your bag, you'd be nutso to not enjoy looking at Kristin's beautiful face and body. Check her out:



I love this one. She's so effortlessly lovely.

I want her hair.

You don't get more stunning than that.

I'm convinced that Kristin has a dirty, dirty mind.

Melissa's favourite ever KK pic.

I love this shot so very much.

I'd like to see Kristin do something a little more adult next. (Maybe porn?)

Bedroom eyes.

Another thing I like about KK is that she's not an idiot.

WTF. She even looks good in purple with her hair crimped.

Her body is out of control.

I must admit, I adore her without lipstick.


I wonder if she and Tom were ever attracted to each other... I wonder if they snogged at the Christmas party...

Damn. *gapes*

What a classy outfit. She looks divine.


An absolute classic Kristin photo that we all love.

Jensen looks like such a COMPLETE DORKFACE. HAHAHA. Kristin looks totally awesome though.

And I'll finish with one of her and gorgeous Tommy. I love this a lot because her ass and thighs look sexy as hell.

Feel free to post more KK pics in the comments. Or Tom Welling pics. I'M NOT BOTHERED!

- I found most of these photos at Kristin-K.net.

Tags: actor: kristin kreuk, character: lana lang, gip, picspam, tv: smallville
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