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With Suits on hiatus I really needed something new to get obsessed over and thatotherperv came through for me big time by introducing me to the great and glorious Banshee, which is so sexy, pulpy and stylish every episode blows my mind. It's the most fun, outrageous, thrilling ride on TV right now and it always without fail leaves me feeling totally horny.

Fair warning, it is SUPER violent. Which I normally might balk at but the violence is beautifully choreographed and has a glossy, unreal, sheen to it – quite Tarantinoesque actually – which make its grotesquery much easier to stomach. Where the violence in shows like Sons of Anarchy, The Sopranos or Oz ultimately became intolerable to me, in Banshee I find it exhilarating and satisfying, because the majority of it is inflicted on people who really deserve it (fyi I have a huge boner for fictional righteous vengeance). Plus I feel safe in the knowledge that my faves are all going to survive (remember when Person of Interest killed off their main female character and the creators were all ‘we’ve said from the beginning that no one is safe’ as if they’re fucking Game of Thrones? *eyeroll*).

More importantly, there is TONS of (fairly explicit) sex in the show. Our (hot as fuck) hero bangs pretty much every woman he meets, and he even cares about some of them. You will find ample proof of his delicious manliness behind the cut.

N.B. This post contains a few minor spoilers, mostly from the first few eps, although some of the gifs are from later episodes.

Introducing you to the wonderful characters of Banshee...Collapse )
I'm all: pleasedpleased