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Best game ever

So it must have been a blue moon last night because my friend Michelle came over to my house, brought food with her and cooked me dinner! I LOVE it when that happens.

Then we drank a bunch of wine and she taught me the following game, which y'all need to go play right now.

Stand up. Close your eyes.

Then see how long you can balance on one foot before you fall over.

That's it.

Oh, and no hopping or shuffling either.

That's it.

You would be shocked to have seen how long we amused ourselves with this, and thing is, it's not even the first time Michelle has played it. She plays it all the time!

I won, for the record, balancing for a total of 18 seconds (which is really fucking hard). There was a lot of flailing and Michelle completely fell on her ass a couple of times.


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