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20 December 2010 @ 11:49 am
Smallville Actor Facing 20 Years For Drug Charge

Paul Rudd, you are my hero: Rudd Has A Bar In His Basement

Really I just wanted to post so I could use one of my new iconomicon icons (say that five times fast). Classic.

No I have not finished my Clex story but it is coming along nicely. It is extremely twisted I'm sure you'll all be delighted to hear.

Last night I watched The Last Station on Blu-ray, and it was awesome. Obviously I wanted to see it because of James McAvoy and yes he is absolutely as adorable, sexy and charming as ever. He does sex scenes the best in the world I suspect. He's so good at sex scenes he should probably do a porno at some point.

I spoke to my mum on skype the other day and she told me she tried out The Mentalist on my recommendation, which made me go, "oh NO I might have been wrong about that show!" But she enjoyed it, and she can see why I love Patrick Jane; her main problems were with Lisbon, who she found a wholly unconvincing boss (I told her Lisbon grows on you. I actually really like Lisbon now and I used to hate Robin Tunney), and that the team have no respect for crime scenes/forensics. Mum just can't get past fictional cops who don't use gloves when they're handling evidence. She's all, "It's not REALISTIC." Hahaha.

I'm watching the final season of Boston Legal via Lovefilm and I figured something out that should have been obvious to me years ago: I find Denny completely intolerable. I never particularly cared for the Denny/Alan friendship but I never understood why. Now I know. Frankly the only thing I really love about Boston Legal are Alan's closings. My favourite ever is from "The Chicken and the Leg", about the condom. I need more James Spader in my life. Has he quit acting? According to IMDb he hasn't done anything since 2009. :(

A couple comments on some of the Golden Globes nominees:

The Walking Dead for best drama series and yet no Breaking Bad? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I know I only watched half of the pilot but that was the most horribly written and acted garbage I've seen in eons.

Kelly MacDonald and Steve Buscemi nominated for Boardwalk Empire, but no Michael Pitt? That is just plain wrong. The academy better not snub him come Emmy season because he deserves recognition.

Piper Perabo for best actress? LOL that's hilarious!
I'm all: tiredtired