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Hi. I had working internet at home for the first day of my holiday then it all crashed and I am net-less again until Friday. Can you fucking believe that? (I cried again about this on Friday morning. All my internet plans RUINED.)

So I went out with Pete on Friday night and ended up inviting some people we met in the pub back to my place, including a v cute French teacher guy who I made out with quite a lot. We end up alone on my couch at the end of the night (by which I mean, early in the morning), talking away, and I tell him about that date I had a while back with that guy who ruined it by telling me he wanted kids etc. Remember that? And do you know what he says to me?

"I want that too."

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MEN. But unlike that other guy, THIS one is now besotted with me. It's almost as if he took me saying that I don't do relationships and I don't want kids or marriage to mean I was issuing some kind of challenge. I have now stopped responding to his text messages, and any sexual attraction I had to him has entirely disappeared. Do men not realise that desperation is not sexy? That we (women) like the chase just as much as they do?

Then yesterday I spent the entire day watching Smallville. \o/

I never do that! I used to rewatch Buffy over and over and over and I knew every episode so well. Nowadays, I find it hard to rewatch anything, no matter how much I love it, because there's always something new I could be watching. Thing is, I barely even remember much of season 4, and wtf is owning dvds about if not to watch things again and again? And you know, Tom Welling is so beautiful that I never get tired of looking at him, and Lex was still a good man back then, and there was no Lexana and it was still quite Clexy (in the first half of the season anyway).

I have many issues with SV's attitude towards sex (most of us do I think). I may rant about that soon.

Now I must try catching up on three days worth of flist in the space of half an hour. Wish me luck!

PS. Ronon is totally hot.
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