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30 January 2009 @ 11:37 am
* submissive (You all think of me as dominant, which I can understand because I probably come across that way to a certain extent, but I am definitely more submissive than dominant.)
* intuitive
* social
* vanilla (Again, I see why most of you think I'm kinky -- it's my obsession with sex and porn, isn't it? -- but I am really quite vanilla. A bit of spanking here and a blindfold there is all well and good, but anything more extreme - leather, chains, whips, blood, cross dressing, group sex, sex toys, fetishism etc etc? So not for me.)
* cute (I love that you guys think I'm sophisticated but I'm not particularly.)
* kitten (DUH.)
* warm flannel (I am a comfort girl through and through!)
* leader
* talkative
* spontaneous or planned (I'm probably about fifty fifty on this one)
* teddy bear
* hiking (By a hair. I don't do much of either, but when I was a kid I did a lot of hiking. Or bush walking as we call it in NZ.)
* vodka
* bottom (You all think I'm a top! You are all wrong.)
* shoes
* jeans
* tender or rough (Both, for sure.)
* dreamy (I live inside my own head most of the time. Biggest dreamer ever, and often totally oblivious to what's going on around me.)
* nerd (Although I'd agree most with Becky who says I'm neither. Geek would fit me better.)
* brains
* common sense (Because I'm a shamefully lazy reader.)
I'm all: pleasedpleased