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21 February 2006 @ 10:26 am
Haha! Things could not be any better right now (although my mild hangover can fuck right off). I have a new clex mood theme! (Made by ) And not only that, I have decided to start using tags! Holy crap! So I'm going back and tagging all my old entries right and it's taking FOREVER. Is there a fast way of doing it or do I have to go in and edit each entry, typing out the tag in the tag box. That's a big job, people. *is already considering giving up*

And then I got reminded about this post I was going to do last night after I finished watching Smallville, but which I gave up on because Prison Break seduced me into watching it. Rather, Wentworth Miller was so pretty and I was all horny and whatnot and doing a big picspammy post just seemed like WAY too much effort and watching Wentworth be hot was a priority, I'm sure you understand. But because of the autosave fuction we have now, when I opened up the window to make THIS post, it recovered what I had written last night. Hee. I taunt you.

Okay, oh my dear GOD, I just watched Splinter on tv and I'm half watching Prison Break but I just had to share with you my utter excitement about the hotness of this episode and Ima use pictures to prove my point. SLASHIET EPISODE EVER. OMG. I kid you not, and okay, YES, I'm in something of a... state right now, but still. I swear to you. There are scenes in Splinter which are practically porn. Check it.

OMG. Imagine how good that post would have been. Because I swear to god, I was watching SV last night and I may have been a little over enthused about it because Hamish was looking at me like I was CRAZY. Anyway, I've got all the screencaps I was gonna use saved on the puter at home, so I might yet do the Look How GAY Splinter Is words and pictures post. 

I've just reread this and realised that there is NO POINT TO ANY OF IT. Sorry. Let me fix that.

On my way to work this morning I thought about Clark having sex with Lex for the first time, and because he's very horny and an alien and he doesn't need any real recovery time, he completely wears Lex out by fucking him ALL NIGHT LONG and maybe hurting him a little, and Lex keeps trying to go to sleep but Clark WON'T LET HIM. And the smell of sex is pungent but Clark won't even let Lex shower because he can't stop touching him. Then I had all these dark distrubing (but still totally hot) thoughts about how that could be a story where Clark the alien is on heat (a perfect theme for this week) and he's just using Lex, who also can't help himself because of the pheremones Clark is emitting, so there's this whole issue of  "do either of us even have a choice about this?" I thought about this for forty five minutes. I might write it for Porn Friday. 
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