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Bizarro on Smallville

Today I would like to talk about Bizarro. Check out my new Bizarro icon that radioreverie made me just now. SHE IS AWESOME.

I’ve been reading about him on wikipedia and he’s totally funny and adorable. Here are some highlights:

several versions of Bizarro have appeared in DC comic books, all of them inversions of Superman with gray or chalk-white skin, a twisted sense of logic which typically manifests as a superficial "opposite" of anything Superman would do or say and a resultant speech pattern ("Me am going to kill you" would mean "I will save you" in Bizarro speech). Due to his imperfections, Bizarro is frequently a foe of Superman, but sometimes finds himself in the role of hero (in this case, an anti-hero).

Now, I think it’s safe to assume that he will be dispensed with in episode one of Season 7, and I think it’s also safe to assume that he won’t talk like that, because he’s already been shown to talk normally: “How do you like my new look?” and “I’m you, only a little more bizarre”.

Since then, two Bizarro characters have appeared, one of them a flawed clone created by Lex Luthor.

Clearly this is because one Clark is not enough for poor, frustrated Lex.

The original Bizarro was created in a laboratory accident.

Although Bizarro wanted to be accepted, his appearance and erratic behavior scared people, especially since he had no idea of his own super-strength. He was befriended by a blind girl, shortly before Superboy realized the remains of the machine would act as Kryptonite to him. Bizarro headed straight towards Superboy, having somehow realized that the shockwave from his destruction would cure his friend's blindness.


The later Bizarro was created by Lex Luthor, who used the "duplicating ray" on the adult Superman and hoped to use the duplicate to attack Superman.

SURE LEX. You wanted a supes who would actually give you some touch.

However, this Bizarro did not cooperate and instead tried to emulate Superman.

That’s adorable.

Unfortunately, his attempts to match the original's heroics were clumsy and destructive, and he kidnapped Lois.

OMG. He’s so CUTE. It's almost as if he kidnapped Lois by mistake because he got confused. *glees*

This was resolved when Lois created a Bizarro-Lois for Bizarro using the "duplication ray". Feeling rejected by the people of Earth, they moved to the world of Htrae, which had ancient advanced technology which was used to populate the planet with other Bizarros created in the same manner.

That’s beyond romantic. Bizarro!Clois FTW!

Bizarro's only weakness is blue Kryptonite, created by using the same machine to duplicate green Kryptonite. Though Bizarro acts in what he believes to be the best manner, his Bizarro logic often causes him to act for evil.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love that like pie.

So right. If SV’s Bizarro is anything like comics Bizarro, he should be a sort of opposite to SV’s Clark, which means the following:

- He’ll be straight.
- He’ll think Lex is the best person in the world.
- He’ll be indifferent to Lana and enemies with Chloe.
- He’ll be naughty and mischievous and he’ll never angst about anything.
- He’ll get laid a whole bunch.

(ETA. Add some of your own suggestions to my list in the comments! It'll be totally funny I promise.)

What are the odds that any of that will happen? I guess I won’t mind as long as he’s sexy and creates trouble, and if he lasts more than one episode (no chance in hell) I’ll be over the MOON.

Also, this picture of him is hilarious.

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