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SV 6.22: Phantom

I HAVE MY INTERNET BACK! \o/ I'm so happy.

Also, THAT WAS TOTALLY BRILLIANT. Except that I'm kind of loathing Lex right now. :(

Lana is AWESOME and I LOVE HER. She must have put the bomb in the car herself, called Lionel to be a witness, escaped in the ice cream van, framing Lex for her murder in the process. Now everyone will think she's really dead so they won't try to find her. GENIUS. Lana is too cool for school.

As is Lois. I'm not sure what Chloe's power is, but it looks like she has the power to cure people with her tears? Which might be handy if it didn't kill her in the process. Hmm. Not that there's any chance Chloe is really dead. And haven't they killed Chloe in a season finale before? YES I THINK THEY HAVE.

Lex. :( I think what really made me hate him was when he pushed the scientist in front of the phantom and then closed the door in his face. Another murder under Lex's belt. UGH. Hitting Lana was nearly as repellent, but at least she got her revenge by being a total bitch to him. And her parting shot was as cool as ice.

Two Clarks! One in the blue t-shirt (my favourite item in Clark's wardrobe) and one in sexy black. That's almost too much hotass for a girl to handle. JEEPERS.

"How do you like my new look?"


"What the hell are you?"

"I'm you. Only a little more bizarre." OMG YAY!

And now we have to wait for months to see phantom!Clark in action. I'M SO EXCITED.

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