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I'm bored.

I saw Men With Brooms last night (thanks Kristi-girl! *SMOOCH*). Oh dear. I still love Paul Gross, because he's beautiful and sexy, but he needs to not write movies again, ever. He can direct. Oh yes. He's allowed to direct again. It was a beautifully shot movie and he looked completely stunning throughout and his cinematographer is seriously talented. But no more writing of dialogue or creating of characters from scratch for you, Paul! You're good at the homoerotic subtext (Cutter+The Juggernaut=OTP) but not so much at the girl/boy romance, so quit that as well. And the story? Seen it all before, only done better, and about sports that are actually exciting to watch in some way (no offence, Canadians). No points whatsoever.

Unless it was the other writers who are to blame? I choose to believe so, because Paul did a good job on due South when he wrote for it. Right? Also, he should hire a better casting agent next time, because the only other member of the cast who was any good was James Allodi, who was also in the (much MUCH better) Wilby Wonderful.

Should I watch any more Paul Gross movies? I'm very sensitive and would actually rather avoid things that suck so I can continue to love him unconditionally.


Let's play the copy and paste game, where you comment with whatever's in your buffer, and it's all very amusing.

This was in mine:

(You can't see that but it's an italics tag. Hence why these two sentences are in italics.)
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