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SV 6.21: Prototype

I'm not getting my internet back at home until Saturday (or so they say). *CRIEZ* I'm not kidding. I actually DID cry when I found out. I might cry about it again right now, in fact.

Before we get to my SV review, a few other things. First, go read romanyg's brilliant essay on Clark and Lex. She claims that it's an unpopular opinion because she doesn't blame Clark for Lex's slide into darkness, but I think most of us have realised by now that Lex was always going to go down that route, whether Clark told him his secrets or not, no? I'm on board with it at any rate, but then I've never been one of those Lex fans who thinks he's a giant woobie victim that Clark was too mean to. I like Lex's dark side! And HELLO. Clark was RIGHT not to trust him.

Secondly, has anyone on my flist seen The Piano Teacher? If so, what did you make of the ending? I have some ideas but none that really satisfy me.

Thirdly. My Clois fic is nearly done and I will need a beta. ANYONE?

Smallville is doing very good television at the moment. That was a gripping, brilliantly executed episode. What’s going on with this show? I’ve hated so much of this season, and I’ve fallen out of love with Smallville several times, but it keeps winning me over again. The last three episodes, and Crimson? TV GOLD.


I’m not crazy about Clark being responsible for Wes’s death and that’s my only real complaint. It’s just… again? Really? And he didn’t even acknowledge his part in it this time which is clearly because the writers don’t consider what Clark did to be in any way unreasonable. Yes, he was defending himself and protecting Lois, and Wes probably did need to be eliminated, but I wish he’d killed himself or something so Clark’s hands could’ve remained blood-free. Whatever. *brushes it off*

Otherwise I loved Clark a lot. He was smart and beautiful and he knows who Ares is (hahaha riiiiiight) and he was very sexy when he threatened Lionel (*pats Clark on the head*), and all of his interaction with Lois made me happy. I loved her accusing him of wanting to catch her in the shower again; the expression on his face was priceless.


She is so awesome it’s ridiculous. My heroine! I really admire Erica Durance as an actress; she nailed every scene, particularly the scene where she tells Wes who he is and how he got his scar. That was a long (and wonderfully written) monologue and she did such a great job with it. She was compelling from start to finish, and her delivery of the punch line—“and then you puked and passed out and cracked your head open on the floor” —was pitch perfect. LOVE.

It was also completely awesome seeing her in full investigative journalist mode; she might work at the Inquisitor but she’s doing important, dangerous work because she has an innate integrity about her. Going after a corrupt senator was brave and foolish and brilliant. She’ll put her life on the line for justice and that’s why she’s going to become the Daily Planet’s best reporter. She was the iconic Lois Lane through and through here.


Liking her a lot. Liking Clana quite a lot too as it happens. While TW and KK don’t have much sexual chemistry, I’m feeling the romantic connection between them a lot more these days. Their beautiful scene in Nemesis was moving, and in the scene in the mansion I could feel the love between them. I think there are a few reasons their scenes together work better these days: they’re original for one. No more Lana demanding to know Clark’s secrets then getting upset because he won’t tell her. HURRAH! Plus, they’re both better actors now, and they’ve been working together a long time.

But yes, Lana is handling Lex well. Not an easy job I must say. Ol’ Lex is something of a handful!


Michael Rosenbaum, I salute you. You ROCK. I am LOVING the way he’s playing Lex at the moment. He’s clearly enjoying himself and I don’t blame him. Lex is scary now. Like, genuinely fucking scary. He’s ordering murders left right and centre and he’s making threats all over the show. He pretty much told Lana he’d kill her if she ever betrayed him. WHOA. He’s lost his humanity almost entirely (only Clark can bring out his sweet, vulnerable side these days. He should spend more time with Clark).

I even liked him in the Lexana scenes, which is unusual. He was so sinister but he looked hot and sounded sexy.


It’s so cool that she has friends in Washington who do favours for her. I love that! I was all *air punch* “GO MARTHA!”

Martha moment I loved:

*Clark vanishes*

Chloe: Do you ever get used to that?

Martha: Not really.


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