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SGA S1 finale and stuff, plus Kate thinks about writing het.

I'm dling last night's SV at work (I love doing that - I might always do it this way), and I've shifted my holidays to next week so I will have Thursday and Friday off, and I will be able to watch the final first thing Friday morning. I think I did that last year too, because I'm a big dork. Btw, if my internet is not back up by then I'll probably kill myself. nevermind98! Email me about your plans next week.


FNL GOT RENEWED. This is great news for me, for you, for television in general.


I saw the last four episodes of SGA S1 last night. Worst season finale I've seen in a long time. It stopped RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION. That is NOT cool. I barely even care about what's going on of course, so it didn't leave me wanting more, it just left me going: "YOU CUNTS." Anyway, my absolute favourite thing, probably from the entire season, was Rodney's video message for home. Comedy gold, and a really sweet side to Rodney that made me kind of love him a whole lot. I especially adored his thoughts on cats vs dogs. I'm a cat person and that is one sure way to win me over forever. ♥

Also, I found the extras a lot more entertaining than the show itself. David Hewlett is hilarious, and all of the cast seem so fun and nice and goofy.


I feel like I should try to write something today. Maybe some porn? I don't know. I was thinking about writing het, starring Clark, eating pussy. Clois or Clana or Chlark? OMG. This requires a poll. (The results probably won't affect what I write, but I'm super curious about your favourite out of these three, so answer it even if you have no intention of reading the porn.)

Clark likes going down.


Tags: polls, tv: friday night lights, tv: smallville, tv: stargate atlantis, writing
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