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SV, 6.20: Noir

It may interest you to know that being without the internet at home has its upsides. By Sunday I was so bored and yelling at my flatmates, "HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE WITHOUT THE INTERNET" and just generally baffled about how I passed the time before I had the net at home. So I texted my friend Calypso and asked her out for a drink, and the next thing I knew I was dragging an extremely cute guy back to my place for some action.


It's in such poor taste to brag about getting laid isn't it. I DON'T EVEN CARE THOUGH BECAUSE I DESERVED IT IT'S BEEN SO SO LONG AND I WAS EXTREMELY FRISKY.

Anyway, Smallville.

Smallville, 6.20: Noir

The truth is, following an episode like Nemesis was always going to be tricky, especially if you’re in this show for Clark and Lex and their gay love for each other, but Noir did alright. I like that it was wacky, and quite frankly Tom is the most delicious man on the planet, and seeing him all slicked back and cool undercover cop who breaks the rules and wears white vests with braces (I think you lot call them suspenders?) and is hot times a million...that was the highlight of the episode for me by far.

The AU was not especially revealing in terms of the characters, but it was gorgeous to look at and lots of fun so I don't mind too much. Lana was the second best thing I thought (after Clark); she made a great femme fatale (despite the fake husky voice).

I particularly love how AU!Clark shoots Lana, and she's all *dying* “I did it for you,” and he’s all *waves hand* “whatever”, then he waxes lyrical to Jimmy about “falling in love” with Lex’s wife, but really doesn’t seem too bothered about the fact that he just *killed her*. HAHAHAHA. Awesome.

Jimmy describing Lana as a “double-crossing, two-timing backstabber” was brilliant. It’s nice to have a male character not completely batty about her and actually *suspicious* of her desirability. He does find her attractive I think, but he’s in no danger of falling in love with her. HURRAH!

Lex and Lois... Not quite as hot as I would have hoped, and I'm not sure if it's because they don't have much chemistry or because the writing was so absurd that neither even really resembled their RL counterparts (except in a very cartoony way), so the kissage felt meaningless.

Not much else to say other than that Chloe should dye her hair properly blonde again. What's going on with her hair at the moment? Seriously. I'm shallow and I like my SV actors to look as good as possible and this really isn't on.


The other thing I was going to ask you is this. There is no way I am going to be able to catch up on my flist, so if there are any posts that you think I need to see (not sv reviews - I'll get them via eat_crow) please link me to them in the comments. I haven't seen the internet since Friday morning (that's Friday morning my time, so think Thursday night if you're an American). Pimp yourselves and others! thx.
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