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I'm so sad (and by sad, I don't mean boo hoo, I mean *pathetic*). I'm ill and at an internet cafe, because I can't live without LJ for one day.

Anyway, I just watched Obscura, which is one of those depressing S1 Smallville episodes that highlight just how retarded and out of touch the SV creative team are.

Why? Because they apparently think the audience should be on Jonathan's side when he throws Lex's cheque back at him, even though we're not. We're on Lex's side all the way and we're all, "JK, you stupid cunt, stop acting like an asshole and hey, don't you think you're sort of kind of definitely drawing attention to the fact that you have something to hide by getting in such an unsubtle tiz about Lex's interest in the field where the ship crashed? You DUMBASS."

This is also the episode where Clark asks Chloe to the spring formal and it's, oh, about a *billion* times sexier, sweeter and more romantic than ALL of Clark and Lana's scenes PUT TOGETHER. Why didn't AlMiles see this? The really rather special chemistry that TW and AM have? I mean, to just *abandon* the idea of Chloe/Clark in favour of, what, five more years of that dead horse we all hate called Clana?

*curses them to hell*

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