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Ceiling Cat is watching you.

I don’t know this for absolute definite yet, but I think I’m going to be without the internet at home for at least a few weeks. *STABS*

See, we recently kicked out one of the flatmates, and she did exactly the same thing Pete did when he left: she cancelled the BT account instead of just transferring it to one of us, which means they disconnect us without warning and it takes them WEEKS to sort out.

I don’t know whether she did this out of spite or not. If it was out of spite, I can kind of respect it; we did boot her out after all. But the thing is, she's not a spiteful person so I think it’s *actually* because she’s a fucking moron. Check this out.

She sent her keys back to us in the post.

That’s right. She put the house keys in an envelope with our ADDRESS ON IT and POSTED THEM TO US.

Who *does* that?

The thing I’m most upset about is that I won’t be able to watch Smallville. But seeing as how I’m a glass-is-half-full kind of lady, there are plenty of other things I can do without the internet:

  • I can write fic!
  • I can organise the files on my puter and maybe delete the stuff I don’t need. I have waaaaaay too much porn on there, for instance, and I don’t tend to watch porn more than once (unless it’s the Titof Shai ad, which I probably watched a trillion times. That can stay).
  • I can make icons
  • I can watch dvds
  • I can spend time with my friends
  • I can go outside occasionally

  • See! I am an optimist. Although I may have to beg my flist to upload SV for me so I can dl it at work, because I hate being behind everyone else. Do you know what else I hate? NOT HAVING THE INTERNET.

    Right, here’s a quick poll:

    Would you rather breed with:

    A beautiful idiot
    An ugly genius

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