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My two favourite pairings are making Katie a very happy fangirl.

Okay, I have snagged a couple of amazing Nemesis icons, one of which is my new default (*points*). Here is the other (both made by rumonica),

(It does not get hotter than that.)

but anyway, I'm wondering, WHERE ARE ALL THE CLEX ICONS from this episode. They're in millions of scenes together and they touch each other and it's HOT AND SEXY and someone good at iconing needs to make lots of Nemesis Clex icons. Thanks.

I'm still very happy. I feel like if I wrote a story it really wouldn't take a lot to get the boys in bed together. So I'm brainstorming and I'm not coming up with anything very plotty, but I am coming up with very romantic, very porny things. *pleased* Did you notice how utterly beautiful they both looked? Michael hasn't looked that hot all season, and don't even get me started on Tom. That scene I took my icons from...HOLY GOD. I was so blown away by his utterly ridiculous perfection; every time I think about it I get breathless.

I love Smallville right now. I want the chicks who wrote/directed the episode to be in charge from here on in.


due South (yes, I've learned that the d should be lower case!)

I watched a lot of dS on the weekend, and the last episode I saw was extremely squee inducing.

3.13: Mountie on the Bounty, pt 2

Because they KISSED. That whole "buddy breathing" thing was just a lame excuse for Fraser to KISS RAY. And the whole Ray not being able to swim thing was just an excuse for Fraser to PUT HIS PAWS ALL OVER HIM AND PAW HIM. It was like watching porn.

I also loved Ray's reaction of "are things going to be different now?" because of the kiss. And then Fraser was all "I am NOT excited" but he was protesting a LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH and I wasn't convinced. Anyway, the whole episode was very very romantic, and at the end, when they decided to stay together (because they can't live without each other clearly. Even though they bicker, but the bickering is only because they're sexually frustrated) and they both laugh, and I have NEVER seen Fraser look so happy. It made me melt.

The more I see of Ray K, the sexier I find him. I love his tight jeans very much.

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