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SV 6.19: Nemesis

Being a Clex devotee has been hard this past season. The past three seasons really. But THAT. That was possibly the most romantic episode of Smallville ever made and I'm now a total mess. I'm full of emotion, which isn't my typical response to this show; not recently anyway.

I just. They're still in love with each other.

When Lex left Clark under the rubble I was sobbing at the screen: "Go back for him, go back for him, go back for him."

AND HE DID. *bursts into tears*

It's an incredible feeling to be reminded why I love this pairing so much; why there'll never be another like it for me. They're so wrong for each other yet they can't stay away, they can't stop wanting and caring and needing. I can't believe Clark wants to try again! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. It's so fucking west, but I don't care because it's everything I could possibly have wanted to happen. And I know this isn't going to last and we probably won't get another slash spectacular like that again, but YOU GUYS. (I'm incoherent, sorry. I'm the anti-meta.) LEX WENT BACK. Because "Clark is the only real friend" he's EVER HAD. He would *never* let Clark die. NEVER.

They love each other.

Um. What else happened in that episode? Oh yes, Lana's speech to Lex at the end was a masterful exercise in double-speak. I found that endearingly clever, even though Lexana scenes always leave me emotionally cold. My guess is that Lex didn't buy it. Not completely anyway. I like to think he's smarter than that, and was able to discern that she was sending him a chilling message: "I know you lied to me and because of that I will never love you".

I've been enjoying evil!Lex this season, because it's been a welcome respite from lame!Lex, but this was possibly the first time it has genuinely hurt me to see how far he's fallen. Clark wants to give Lex another chance but it really is too late, and Clark doesn't know that, but WE know it. That hurts a lot.

Chloe and Martha annoyed me. I wish they'd be more supportive of Clex. What the hell is wrong with them! Just imagine them fucking, ladies, and you'll understand. THEY BELONG TOGETHER.

It's a good day to be a Clex fan, yes it is. Thank you Smallville.

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