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I feel ropey.

I'm jealous of everyone right now. Apparently Smallville was good! I CAN'T WAIT. I'm hoping no one wants to hang out with me tonight so I can go straight home, put on my sweats, pour myself a glass of wine, and spend the whole evening ignoring everyone but Clark and Lex.


I am stuck on my Kink/Cliche prompt. STUCK. What the hell has happened to me?


due South.

In "Strange Bedfellows", Ray is spying on Stella and bitching about PDA and Fraser expresses his surprise at Ray's prudishness (surprise and DISAPPOINTMENT PERHAPS?) because he doesn't realise who Stella is, and Ray's all *waves hand* "I'll do anything." And then Fraser secretly rejoices. (As do I, but not secretly.)

Fraser is so hilariously captivated by Ray. It's both cute AND sexy.

Tags: tv: due south, tv: smallville, writing
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