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None of this is a laughing matter.

This is not a joke.

I have this beautiful, elegant, black silk dress, which I wore to a party quite some time ago and it got kind of...soiled, and only recently I took it (or rather, Sharan took it for me) to the drycleaners because it’s a dryclean only garment and anyway, I have this problem with it because, ahem…

There’s a comestain right in the middle of it.


And it didn’t come out!! So yes, I was wondering if there were any domestic types on my flist who are also familiar with getting semen stains out of dryclean only black silk. Y/N?

Or is the dress ruined forever? Thanks in advance for your help.


My problem with season 6 of Smallville is that hardly any of it has been about Clark. He’s been relegated to a supporting role, reacting to the things that are happening to the *other* characters. The main storyline this season has been the Great Lexana Baby Fakeout, and much of Clark’s "development" (or "regression", depending on how you squint at it) this year has been directly related to the Lexana relationship and the things that are happening to *them*.

One of the reasons Progeny didn’t particularly do anything for me is because yet again, we get an episode that’s not about Clark. He merely reacts to what’s happening to Chloe, or to Lana.

What’s most annoying about this is that there was so much potential to give Clark an exciting story arc this year: remember those pesky zoners? How many episodes did they actually devote to Clark chasing them/destroying them? Two? And one of them was the godawful "Static", which was still *mostly* about Lexana. I haven’t watched many episodes twice but remind me of some that starred Clark, and that had a story that was *about* Clark.

The other day me and Melissa rewrote the whole of SV in chat. Tomorrow’s post we can all do that together, perhaps.
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