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Due South Season 2!

I have finished season 2 of Due South.


I got up at midday on Sunday, after two days of heavy drinking, sat on the couch and spent the next two days watching Due South; occasionally breaking that up with a bit of House S2, and Rescue Me S1. (Oh, and just an aside. Dear House Fandom, CAMERON IS NOT AN AMORAL SLUT, PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT YOU STUPID FUCKERS. Love, Kate)

I was going to watch the first episode of S3 of DS last night, but it was already midnight and I figured it would be better if I waited until I was wakeful and ready to rock. After I meet jayest for a drink tonight, that is my plan.

Now, I know I’m going to love Ray K, because I’ve liked CKR in everything I’ve seen him in (and he’s been in all of my favourite tv shows practically, including Smallville, BSG and The L Word), but OMG. I am going to miss Vecchio SO SO MUCH. What’s most amazing, and I really didn’t see this coming, is how fucking *sexy* I find Ray Vecchio. I mean, physically, he’s not what I’d call a stunner, but that adorable smile, his easy charm with women, and his utter devotion to Fraser...SIGH. He is a wonderfully loveable, funny character and it’s gonna be so different with a whole other Ray. I’m excited though, natch. I mean, I inhaled season 2 as quickly as possible so I could get to the Ray K season, and I’m finally there!

In the meantime though, I’m presuming there are plenty of people in DS fandom who ship Fraser and Thatcher. RIGHT? (You do don't you Nora?) Because they’re hot together, and I know they’re not anyone’s OTP because EW HET, but I would really appreciate someone reccing me a story with the following specs:

- set in season 2 (or after as long as it’s not spoilery)
- short (I’m not interested in a plotty epic, people)
- NC17 (it doesn’t HAVE to be NC17 I guess, but it should be sexy.)
- Most of all it should be good. (This is imperative. Don’t rec me badfic please.)

You know that scene in All The Queen’s Horses when they’re handcuffed together and he takes out her bobby pin with his teeth and then they nearly kiss but don't and just... *FLAILS* Paul Gross is a GENIUS. He’s so fucking sexy it kills me, and I love how every time Thatcher is near him she’s all aroused and flustered. Which makes total sense. I LOVE HER AND I LOVE HIM.


I have stuff to say about Smallville, but I might do that tomorrow, because this post is long enough as it is.
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