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SV 6.18: Progeny

Things that are interesting:

1. There was never a baby (apparently). Which makes Lex's dream about an evil, mutant baby all the more perplexing. Anyway, Lana's gonna be pretty pissed about this I think and I predict trouble in the Lexana paradise. I wonder what she'll do. She can't leave him because Lionel will kill Clark, so she's going to have to get creative and figure out a more fun (and hopefully daft) way to get revenge. *mildly excited*

2. Lex is pure evil now. Thankfully, MR plays pure evil with a great deal of style, and I found him sexy as hell, sinister and scary, and the most entertaining thing about the episode by a million miles. It's nice to see him being competent.

3. My complete and utter indifference to everything else that happened, including Clark declaring war on Lex, which felt like more of a Lame Moment than a Big Moment.

What a silly show. ♥

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