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The name's J. Ms Kate J: Why I think Bond sucks.

I'm still grumpy as hell, but I'll get back to talking about fannish things, for everyone's sake.

I'm pleased that House is completely besotted with Cuddy. He was genuinely jealous that Wilson had taken her to a play and he got his revenge in the most hilarious way, and then he ASKED HER OUT ON A DATE. Omg. Are they really going to give us House/Cuddy?! I HOPE SO!


I finally got around to seeing Casino Royale, which I was told I might actually like, because it was supposed to be better than all previous Bond films (I've never been a fan of Bond, for the record). And you know what? Even though it was, I guess, a bit more interesting than the others I've seen (because Bond is given a few more layers, and is allowed to be affected by the fact that he kills people) it still didn't do much for me.

I can't relate to him or his world; they don't even attempt to make these characters relatable either, and the Bond formula--which was still firmly in place here--has always left me cold: extended action set pieces that often don't feel like they're an organic part of the narrative, terrorists, torture, unbelievable romance, ludicrous dialogue...why are Bond plots always so damn similar? I know this is escapism and that people love the silliness of it and that's fine, but Bond has just never pinged with me - he's too unreal, too one dimensional, too suave to be believed; looking back, I think the reason I never liked Bond films is because they keep me at a distance. How do I get emotionally involved with a film where the characters and the characters' actions don't make sense to me?

Did I like Daniel Craig as Bond? I guess. He's not very good looking, and I actually didn't find myself attracted to him (but then, Bond has never been that sexy to me. We're TOLD he's sexy but has a Bond film ever turned me on? Nope.), even though his body is lush. I thought his acting was fine but not spectacular.

Mostly I was bored. And the Big Emotional Moments paled in comparison to what a number of my TV shows give me on a regular basis (Friday Night Lights, for instance). Perhaps if the script had concentrated more on believable dialogue than on being witty, it would have been more moving. Who knows.

But I have now definitely learned my lesson. I'm not going to watch another Bond film, if I can help it, for as long as I live.
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