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DS love; sleb news; SV?

The rest of my Due South DVDs arrived yesterday so I watched the first two episodes of season 2, and there's this bit in the first episode where Vecchio is carrying Fraser over his shoulder (because Fraser has lost the use of his legs) and Fraser actually groans and Ray says what, and Fraser says, "I feel frisky."


This is one of the best shows I've ever seen, and lovely Fraser is SO GAY. *CUDDLES FOREVER*


Is anyone finding the Richard Gere/Shilpa Shetty thing terribly amusing? They burned effigies of him in the street! Last time they did that was because Big Brother contestant Jade Goody revealed herself to be not just offensively stupid, but a revolting racist as well. She was nasty to and about Shetty on the show and many people in India were--quite rightly--outraged, hence the effigy burning. Now Shetty's done it again! But this time it's because someone was TOO NICE TO HER. Poor Richard Gere. How was he supposed to know that public displays of affection were so frowned upon in India? Maybe he skipped that chapter when he read the guidebook? *pets him*

And what's most amazing is that they now might face legal action for committing an "obscene act". My understanding of the word "obscene" appears to be different from India's.


Is it true that there's new Smallville on tonight? I have been avoiding all SV posts in an attempt to remain spoiler free. I've not done too badly either, although you should know - whenever any of you post spoilers outside a cut, me and a few of my friends make dolls that look like you, poke them with pins and then set them on fire. Also, we bitch about you behind your back.
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