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Remember that poll I got you to do? Will Kate like SGA? Will she ship John/Rodney?? Who will Kate's favourite character be???

Find out if you know me well, behind the cut.

Q1: Do you hope Kate likes SGA?

54% of you hoped I’d like it
20% hoped I wouldn’t
26% didn’t care.

More interestingly,
Q2: Do you think Kate will like SGA?

A whopping 66% of you said that of course I would, because everyone always does.
Only 34% of you thought I wouldn’t like it, either because it’s stupid or because I’m pretentious.

Most of you don’t know me very well apparently. I should tell you now, and I know this is hard to believe given my primary fandom, but I am totally a pretentious snob. I have insanely high standards when it comes to art, fiction, film, music and television. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I only have room (and patience) for one crappy show in my TV schedule and that spot is firmly held by Smallville. SGA? Good Lord, what a dumb, cheap looking, badly written, weirdly unsexy show. It’s not that I absolutely hate it or anything, it’s that I couldn’t bear to watch more than one episode at a time (not a good sign for me); there was always something I’d rather have been doing, and a lot of the time I found it boring.

That said, I have added the rest of the season to my Lovefilm list because I want to see what happens (don’t read too much into that, any of you, I’m never going to fall for this show).

Q3: Who will Kate’s favourite character be?

47.8% said John
32.6% said Rodney
15.2% said Teyla
2.2% said Elizabeth
2.2% said Carson

Hmmm. First off, Elizabeth and Carson are not in the running here, and I’m appalled that anyone would think I’d like them the most (especially people who should know me better than that. *PEERS AT YOU BOTH*)

This is actually a hard choice for me. I didn’t like Teyla much at first, but I now find her pretty foxy and she has the most awesome laugh. I *hated* Rodney for ages because he’s so charmlessly rude to everyone, but Madelyn was right – he grows on you after a while. And in fic he seems to be a far more interesting and funny character than John. So while I find John funnier and more charming on the show, I’ve found myself enjoying the Rodney scenes more as the show progressed. (Neither of them are particularly sexy though, sry2say. How people could leave the hotassness of SV for the friendly uncleness of SGA will never cease to amaze me.)

So I guess I like John and Rodney kind of equally.

Q4: Will Kate ship John/Rodney?

60.4% of you said yes because their love is canon.
38.6% said no, because the show is not very gay.

Again, most of you don’t know me very well. Of course I don’t ship them. Why the hell does anyone? The basis of their relationship seems to be snark and grudging respect, which is cool and cute and whatever, but it’s not very romantic and it’s *certainly* not sexy (IMO). And I need sexy if I’m gonna ship anyone. If I had to choose a pairing it would be John/Teyla, but even then only sometimes.

So there you have it! I am officially immune to the charms of SGA and I think all of you who love it are weird!

*cuddles Clex*

ETA: Sorry I didn't post the porn last night - it is still uploading. You'll get it later!
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