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Comms pimp, and a complaint. About porn!

I want to pimp a couple of communities I’ve belonged to for ages (so I can definitely vouch for them).

The first is the amazing maleeditorials, which does exactly what it says on the tin. The mod works really hard, posting good quality pictures on a daily basis of magazine editorials that feature male models. So if you like looking at great photography and/or beautiful young men, I highly recommend joining. (thx alibi_factory for telling me about this one.)

And then there's iheartxxx for all your pornography needs. Here, people post porn (both straight and gay) to be downloaded. I tend to ignore everything but the gay porn, but my advice to you is to join up now and whenever anyone posts a Corbin Fisher download, SNAG IT. (I will upload some for you when I get home tonight so you can see why.)

Oh Corbin Fisher. This person/company/whatever collects hot, young, straight frat boys, and films them fucking each other. GENIUS! I am especially fond of Lucas, who is amazingly cute (he has the best teeth), has a very pretty cock which is always rock hard, and who will do pretty much anything. I think in the three Lucas films I’ve seen so far he rims his partner enthusiastically, plus he tops and bottoms beautifully.

Speaking of porn, I have a small complaint.

I’ve seen a fair amount of porn, both straight and gay, but one thing I’ve started to notice recently is, when the guy comes, you never ever see his partner bring him off. There’s the blowjobs, then there’s the fucking. Then he masturbates himself to orgasm, shooting in the chick’s mouth or on the guy’s chest. I AM BORED WITH THIS. Hello, porn makers, it’s actually possible--and quite common--to make your partner come. Just once, I’d like to see Boy A jerk off Boy B until he comes. How awesomely sexy would that be! I mean it’s no wonder I get bored with watching porn so quickly (I’m currently going through a porn phase, coz of CF, but it’s already pissing me off): there’s no genuine creativity in the industry. It’s always the fucking same. Always the same fucking.

When I write sex scenes, my goal is to come up with new ways to make it erotic; to do it like it's never been done it before. Porn makers seem to think that there’s only one way to do things, which I find very very strange. Clearly the porn industry needs me to go make movies for them.
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