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I'm in a happy mood today, and there are a couple of people responsible for that who I want to thank.

One of you is anonymous, but your gift and message completely made my day and whoever you are, I love you, and thank you so so much.

The other of you is the awesomely fantastic literaryll! I picked up my presents from the post office this morning and I am *still* completely giddy with glee. Ashley darling, you are the BEST EVER.


The first thing I pulled out of the parcel was:

Which fits perfectly and looks super cute on me. *BEAMS*

Then I pulled out:

*DIES* They are miniMATES and they are both frowning angrily but that's clearly just because Lex's battle armor makes it that much more tricky for Superman to feel him up. Ashley has them next to her tv, holding hands. LOLZ. I'M GOING TO MAKE MINE HOLD HANDS TOO.

I also got:


And finally, I got my VERY FIRST COMIC. I mean, I've read some comics on my computer, but this is my VERY FIRST ACTUAL COMIC. I now feel like a proper fangirl. It's the Superman All Star issue and it has Clark and Lex on the cover. Look at them:

Good Lord. Is everyone else as turned on as I am right now?

See? Ashley wins at presents.

And then I was inspired to change my desktop wallpaper at work to THIS. Which is about the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life, and also the first comic I ever read.


So Caroline went to see Equus last night, and my first question to her this morning was, "HOW BIG IS DANIEL RADCLIFFE'S PEEN?" See, I scoured the reviews when they first came out to try and find out this Very Important information, but it was rubbish; they were all, "blah blah, tasteful nudity, not gratuitous, acting very good, blah blah" with not ONE mention of whether DR is hung or no. Like I give a flying fuck about his acting. Whatever British Press, you SUCK. (Apparently it's not that big, sry2say, but it's not like she saw it hard or anything. HA. I MADE YOU THINK ABOUT DANIEL RADCLIFFE'S COCK AGAIN. *wins*)


The Friday Night Lights season finale was magnificent, and the perfect way to finish a perfect season of television. If you watched it, and haven't already seen ladycat777's post explaining why the football play in it "Was The Coolest Thing Ever, And No, Really, Not Lame At All" then get over there right now. It is especially useful for people like me, who know zip about American football, and it will totally increase your appreciation of FNL's utter brilliance. Even if you DO know about football, her post will give you chills.

I would like to write a proper episode review because it warrants it, and I'll hopefully get around to doing that when I'm in more of a thinky mood. In the meantime though:

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