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House M.D., 3.18: Airborne

I really do love House MD. It's such a fun show! I love House's virtuosity and genius, and his way with people. He has absolutely no right to be as likeable as he is, but House (and this is all because of the wonder that is Hugh Laurie) has so much charm about him that he's irresistible. His wit and brilliance and honesty are exceptionally attractive qualities, and that's why Cameron (still) wants him, that's why Cuddy adores him, that's why Stacy never got over him, that's why Wilson remains a loyal friend to him.

House and Cuddy are so great together. He's a total bitch to her but that's because he's crazy about her. I really believe that and don't argue with me. If you didn't find that scene on the plane when he examined her sexy as hell, I don't know what your problem is but you've got one.

And then when he told her that she owed him? And was basically asking her to repay him by fucking him? OMG. She is so COOL to turn him down, but it can surely only be a matter of time before she gives in. I mean, they're so HOT together. (I actually find House hot with any woman - no House slash for me, sorry, just no no no - Cameron and Stacy included.) House and Cuddy should totally become fuck buddies. Am I right or am I right?

Ooh, another thing I liked about this episode was the woman who hired the hot girl prostitute, after living it up in the tropics or wherever she was, fucking big dudes and snorting coke off homosexual bellies. I love that woman! I'm so glad she's okay and I'm sad that her cat died.

At the end, was Wilson wanting to hire the hooker or date her? Both scenarios please me greatly at any rate; I look forward to finding out!

Cameron and Chase are a very cute couple (the actors just got married did they not?). I kind of want to see them have a really dysfunctional relationship and piss off everyone they work with. She'll change her mind, right? Yeah, she will. I hope.

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