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Four things on Thursday

Last night I met up with blythely and jayest for wine and Lebanese food and gossip. I even took photos with my new digital camera! Which are at home on my home computer because I’m a dumbass, but I’ll post them later on because they’re cute. We agreed that we need to see more of each other because it’s just silly otherwise, and on Monday we’re going to go see Danny Boyle’s new film, which I know absolutely nothing about. WHOO!


I’m WRITING. I like the story I’m writing so much that I’ve actually plotted out where the story is going and what scenes I have left to write, with actual notes. I do not normally do this. I write in one of two ways: I either dive straight in with a vague idea and see what happens, or I write it in my head for a few days then I put it down on paper. I never make notes and if my stories turn out to have a decent structure it’s just luck (or good beta-ing).


Blaming the racism in fandom on the racism inherent in the television shows you watch is not an argument I have much time for. They’re two different problems--not mutually exclusive I’ll grant you--but you don’t get a get-out-of-jail free card if there’s possibly-racist content in your fic just because there’s possibly-racist content in the source material.


And now for something more light-hearted.

WHICH TYPE ARE YOU? I really want to know. (I am the first type.)
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