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I love movies!

Been catching up on Stephanie Zacharek reviews and these are the movies I definitely want to check out (and you should too!):

Good Night, and Good Luck

"George Clooney's second directorial project refuses to sacrifice craftsmanship to polemics, even as it kicks the pants of the contemporary media."

Oliver Twist

"Roman Polanski's astonishing film exquisitely captures both the anger and the cruel beauty of Dickens' great novel."

Then of course there's Serenity, which I cannot wait for.

And Cronenberg's A History of Violence, which the wonderful Andrew O'Hehir describes as a "riveting allegory about the Bush administration's foreign policy" and goes on to say,

"On the other hand, despite his reputation as a gore-monger, Cronenberg is too meticulous and thoughtful an artist to be boxed into some narrow political critique. Like most of his movies, "A History of Violence" is a story of transfiguration and loss, a story of love threatened and perhaps redeemed, a violent and erotic fable about a family who could be American or Canadian or anything else."

Brokeback Mountain, of course (duh), which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival

Peter Travers says about Capote:

"It's the riveting focus on that period that lifts Capote above the herd of biopics. First-time feature director Bennett Miller won praise for his 1998 documentary The Cruise, about a Manhattan tour guide, but nothing about that romp prepares you for the dramatic fireworks of Capote."

And yeah, because I'm shallow and because it has Jessica Alba and Paul Walker in it, I'll almost certainly be going to Into the Blue.

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