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Greetings to some girls I adore & the Prison Break S2 finale!

Happy birthday toadstoolsmiles! I hope you're okay. I hope you still love me. I hope you know I still love you. I hope you come talk to me again soon. I hope you have a fantastic day. I hope you'll let me know if there's anything at all I can do for you.


Dear literaryll,

You are such a sweetheart and I'm mad about you. Thank you for my easter prezzies! *CUDDLES YOU TO DEATH*

Muchos love,



Prison Break, 2.22: Sona

Well, Prison Break, you might have out-dumbed yourself with that finale, but I must admit, you got me. I will be watching next year for definite.


Because Michael and Mahone are going to be in prison with each other! They will be FORCED to become friends and work together (the idea of which is almost too hot for me to handle). They will hopefully share a cell. They will be all brainy and sexy and escapey together. They will probably fall in love. *dies of excitement*

I'm not quite so happy about Bellick and T-Bag being part of the new escape team, but I'm so delighted Fichtner is staying on the show I am willing to overlook that.

I thought Kellerman's death was pretty cool actually. He'd lived as a villain but he died a hero. He righted his wrongs and he accepted the consequences like a man. I know we didn't see him get shot, so there's a possibility that he didn't die, but I tend to think they avoided showing him being riddled with bullets out of respect for the character. I certainly hope so anyway. I will miss Kellerman, just as I will miss C-Note, but I'm more than happy with the way their stories were concluded.

Linc has been exonerated, which is wonderful. I'm pleased they wrapped that story up in the way they did, although I don't get why Kim was still intent on killing him. Poor Sara! She took a human life (SO glad that smug prick is dead now) and was suitably traumatised by it. Michael taking the blame for the murder was AWESOME. Who was following Sara at the end I wonder?

The brand new Dr General conspiracy of lame made me roll my eyes. Why would the general want Michael in Sona? Why does he *want* him to escape? THAT IS VERY VERY SILLY.

Prison Break Season 3: Two Sexy Geniuses Fall In Love. (If that's not what happens I will be v sad and disappointed.)

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