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SV sex > SPN sex; Prison Break 2.21

No offense, SPN Fandom, but the Sam sex scene (which I've now seen on youtube) is really not very good. I think you have to be in lust with Sam to get anything out of that to be perfectly honest. The only thing I appreciated was his amazing physique. The awkward kissing, the choppy editing, the lame aggression, the weird lack of chemistry, none of it really works if you're an outsider. And the reason I decided to speak up about this, is not, as it may at first appear, to piss off the entire fandom, but because now I can proudly say that Smallville did it a zillion times better in Bound and then in Unsafe (even though Clark didn't actually get laid in Unsafe, sadly. It was still WAY hotter though.)

Smallville sexin' FTW!


Last night my internet broke and I spent an hour on the phone with my service provider and they couldn't fix it and I was all NOOOOOOOO. Then I watched Thank You For Smoking, which was much better than I expected it to be. Then I watched a bit of porn (txtequilanights's favourite, in fact) and the top in it was not exactly pretty but sexy as HELL and fuck ME did he know how to talk dirty. Jeepers. Then I passed out from tiredness. Then I woke up this morning and my internet had magickly healed itself and I was all WHOO. HOO. \o/


Ooh, I watched Prison Break last night too!

The things I loved...

OMG Kellerman, you wonderful bastard, you have finally found redemption. Not only is he about to do the right thing, he's doing it for the *right reasons*, and that makes me swoon and cheer all at the same time. He hates himself because of all the despicable *pointless* things he's done, and he knows it was wrong to do them and that there *are* no excuses. But his sister is correct - he can start afresh and make a difference now. And he has to do it, otherwise his life truly would be worth nothing.

Mahone wants the plan!!!! He no longer wants to stop the boys, he just wants to run away and never look back! I LOVE YOU, MAHONE, I LOVE YOU. That is PERFECT. Of course, it's going to end badly for him, just as Lincoln prophesised, because he is not the hero of our story and therefore he is doomed. :*(

And of course, Michael kicked serious butt. The moves he pulled on T-Bag were SWEET. I do wonder how Michael was planning to sort out Sucre's problem from the boat, but I guess he had a plan. It did seem like he was pretty much ready to take off though, didn't it. [Lincoln is such a meathead. Don't give the brilliant FBI agent an opportunity to take your gun off you, jeez. Why do people in television always stand so close to their target? Back away to the point where they can't touch you! It seems so simple to me but no one ever does that.]


I had a blood test this morning and when I was done, I actually said the words, "Thank you kindly."


I'm a very polite and smiley person anyway, and people tend to respond well to me because everyone enjoys being smiled at and treated with respect. But I swear when I said that, the nurse did a double take. He was DELIGHTED. I'm pretty sure I made his day with my smiley politeness.

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