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Oh Tommy.

Let’s all just assume that any movie news regarding the not-much anticipated second sequel to Teen Wolf (Teen Wolf 3!) is nonsense. And if it's not, let's just assume that Tom is good friends with the producer or something and has agreed to do a small cameo as a (really big) favour.

I think we should try to remain positive and talk about the things Tom should be doing instead.

radioreverie and I have been discussing what we would do if we were in charge of Tom:

Kate: I'd get him to stay with tv for a start
Kate: in something on HBO maybe
Melissa: ooh
Kate: short seasons, adult content
Melissa: I kind of want him to do at least one, low-key adult movie
Melissa: something indie-ish, maybe based on a book
Melissa: where he gets to be the romantic hero
Kate: yes, he could do indie movies when he's not working on the tv show
Melissa: and then another one where he's like a serial killer or something
Kate: i'd like to see him play a bad guy yes
Kate: he's hot when he's bad
Melissa: totally
Melissa: I wouldn't want him bad on a show though
Melissa: he can only be bad in small doses

I AGREE WITH THIS. He should get himself a good TV show on Showtime or HBO (where nudity and bad language is the norm), so he would get a bit more time off (is that how it works btw? The seasons are shorter so presumably they don’t have to put in as much time?) and then he should start hanging around at Sundance and meeting pretentious art house filmmakers who want to put him in clever, low budget little movies that make critics (and fangirls like me) happy.

Either that or he should embark on a career in gay porn. That would also be fine. (Peen Wolf)
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