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SV 6.17: Combat

That's more like it, Smallville.

Hot chicks making out with each other (can you BELIEVE that Lois/Athena scene? When did SV get all adult on us? WHO CARES I LOVE IT!); Clark in black leather (holy shit, he's so hot it kills me); Clark getting the shit kicked out of him, then killing Titan. Clark in BLACK LEATHER all beaten and bloody and angry and fighty and HOT.

Good good stuff!

How do we feel about Clark killing Titan? I'm pretty much fine about it, because Titan needed to be killed, and as long as Clark feels bad about it he's still my hero. I do wish his motivation for getting out there finally to fight the good fight wasn't because he's pissed off about Lana and Lex, but because he actually genuinely wants to do good. Oh well. Black leather will have to suffice.

Mostly I'm confused about the miscarriage. Is it for real? I always assumed they'd have Lana miscarry (most of us did), but then there was the whole Evil Baby scenario which surely they're not just going to drop now, are they? Not even Smallville is that ridiculous. IS IT?

But then...it's not like Lex can hide the fact that Lana's still pregnant. She'll notice soon enough when she starts showing (which I'm sure eventually she would)...which means that she, I guess, really has had a miscarriage and we're never going to know what Lex "did" to her.


The main problem with Lana being devastated (and Kreuk's performance was genuinely great I thought) is that her miscarriage is not a sad event for the audience. So while I wanted to be upset for her, because she was so upset, we already know that the pregnancy was suspect and that she's better off without this baby, which made that particular storyline feel somewhat emotionally hollow.

I much preferred the fun, silly Clark bit to the dull Lexana stuff (shocking, I know).

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