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Cuddle me.

I’m extremely gloomy today and everything sucks. (Except the Nandos lunch I had, which was nice.) I appear to be allergic to the new, sexy top I’m wearing. My hips are sore and red and it turns out the student I have a crush on is married. I caught a glimpse of his wedding ring yesterday and have been pissed about it ever since.

The only thing today has going for it so far is girlmostlikely, who is out-grumping me in a very cute and amusing way. I loves her.

Also, this fucking SGA story I’m reading keeps making me cry, and it’s GEN and about RODNEY (who I really haven’t warmed to at all btw. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE HIM? He’s so RUDE to everyone. Madelyn tells me he’s an acquired taste but unless he grows some charm in the next few episodes, I can’t see myself ever not finding him annoying. Gimme John any day.). Still, in fic he’s more interesting and this story is good. *weeps*

I need cheering up. PLEASE CHEER ME UP FLIST. (If you want to talk to me about peens, that would be ok.)
Tags: flist, random, real life, tv: stargate atlantis
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