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Friday Night Lights, 1.19: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

I just watched Friday Night Lights drunk, and sobbed with happiness throughout most of it because it's so perfect.

Tim and the hot thirty something neighbour. OMG. This show really knows how to turn women around my age on. WTF. I've got this image of the writers all sitting around an oval table, planning that storyline, throwing their ideas about, saying shit like, "I bet there are a whole hell of a lot of 30+ horny women watching this show, lusting after Tim. Let's give them their ULTIMATE FANTASY. JUST BECAUSE." I'm actually speechless on this matter.

Tim and Jason are friends again! WHOO! And Jason and Lyla are pretty much over. WHOO! I way prefer the blonde tattoo artist as a love interest for Jason, and the stone henge scene was beautifully done; whoever directed this episode is a genius.

Both Jason and Tim scored, and it was HOT. If you know me at all, you know how important that is to me. It's all about the right chemistry, the right timing; the *pacing* on this show... it's flawless. And FNL always feels so real, so *believable*.

I love Coach to distraction. Everyone should have a dad like Coach.

This show kills me, it's so fucking amazing. I need to go read Bop's meta on it and then maybe cry some more.

*sips wine*

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