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Prison Break 2.20: Panama

I haven't said this in a while but YAY PRISON BREAK!

That was everything a penultimate episode should be, although strangely there are two more episodes to go in the season, and I can't say I'm looking forward to them (the ennui has set in too deep unfortunately).

But there were many things I loved here, first and foremost being C-Note's happy ending. This is one of the reasons I'm dreading next week I think, because they could still fuck it up for C-Note, and that man *deserves* to go free and be safe and happy. He didn't belong in prison in the first place and he has proven time and time again that he's a decent, honourable man (a hero in fact! Remember the episode where he talked down the crazy robber and then the shop-full of people helped him escape from the cops? Possibly my favourite storyline of the season. ♥). I want that to have been the last time we ever see C-Note, which is a strange thing to say about a television character I love, I know, but Prison Break has that effect on you.

Another thing I loved (and desperately needed) was the fight between Michael and Lincoln, after Michael accused Linc of not caring about the blood on their hands. This fits in nicely with my recent interest in analysing heroes, because here we see the clear difference between a hero and an ordinary person. Linc's response is human and normal - he doesn't walk around with weight of the world on his shoulders, despairing and regretful of the things he's done wrong because it's not in his nature. It's not in many people's nature because it's practically impossible to live like that. Yes, he'd walk away from T-Bag at this point. He'd allow T-Bag to stay free. Who wouldn't? It's the smart, safe choice, if not the noble one.

OTOH, Michael, our beautiful, selfless hero, is haunted by his choices and their consequences. He feels compelled to right his wrongs. It was *awesome* seeing him break down, get angry, shed tears, because of T-bag (who I loathe so very much. I loathe him more than I loathe Bellick and that's saying something) and the other deaths they're responsible for.

But Lincoln can't conceive of the kind of empathy that Michael possesses and quickly brings it back around to something more personal - Veronica (and Sara). Like most of us ordinary folks, it's "me" who matters. "My" loss. "My" way of coping. The strangers T-Bag has murdered aren't real to Lincoln.

They're real to Michael though, and that's a fundamental difference between them and it sets Michael apart from the rest of us. I can't believe he's going back to get T-BAG! WHY IS HE? Because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. *air punch*

MAHONE. A strong episode for Mahone, and what a *remarkable* performance by Fichtner. MUCHOS LOVE. He plays this character to perfection, retaining our sympathy against all the odds: such a brilliant, complex, tortured, helpless, mess of a man... I loved that scene in the car park. I was scared he was going to kill the guy, but he didn't! Instead he left him with a poignant piece of advice: "Don't let anyone scare you into doing the wrong thing."

Oh Alex...

Now everyone is meeting in Panama for the final showdown and I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back (only if you're still watching. If you gave up watching and you're reading this anyway, don't be giving yourself no back pat) because we MADE IT. And soon season two will be over and we can breathe a big sigh of relief because all our favourite characters will have sorted out their problems and will sail off into the sunset to live happily ever after. The end.


Why are there two more episodes? That seems off to me. I'm ready for the showdown!

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