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Benton Fraser is my favourite character of all time. He's everything I look for in a hero and more. He's PERFECT. I love that he's brilliant and heroic and he always does the right thing for the right reasons, I love that he's the nicest man in the entire world, and I love that he's an exceptionally sexy hotass that everyone wants to bag, yet he's not particularly aware of his own attractiveness (which, of course, makes him even hotter). I love how funny and intelligent and polite and kind he is.

I've never fallen this hard for a character before. He makes me GIDDY. (My love for Clark and Lex is tested too much by the incompetent handling of them on Smallville, so while fanon Clark and Lex are still close to my heart, canon continues to fuck them up horrendously. It's hard for me.)

I love heroes the most. Villains can be hot and interesting, but I do find it difficult to remain emotionally attached to characters who continually choose to do the wrong thing.

What about you? Are you a Lex or Clark girl? Buffy or Faith? Lee or Gaius? Peter or Sylar? Michael or Kellerman?

Erm, I actually prefer Gaius to Lee, but that's because James Callis is a genius, and Gaius is just...more interesting to me. Still, I don't *love* Gaius the way I love Clark (when he's not being a twat) or Fraser or Buffy.

Also, while I've always loved Lex, a lot of that is because he started off as a good man. Nowadays I'm not so enamoured with him, although when he gets to be snarky and camp and evil I still find him sexy (GIVE US MORE OF THAT PLZ SV).

I loved Faith until she went bad and then I didn't fall for her again until she returned to the side of good. I love both Angel *and* Angelus, and I don't know what that means. It's probably a hormonal thing.

Tags: character: benton fraser, character: clark kent, character: lex luthor, meta, tv: due south, tv: smallville
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