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Sorry for talking about my personal life so much at the moment, but if you’ve been following the James story you might want to hear about the second date I went on with him last night.

Clearly I was no longer interested in James after the whole “I’m a total girl who wants kids” bullshit from the last date, and I was kind of dreading having to put a stop to things (I had no choice though. My attraction to him was completely gone and anyway, I now have a rather insane new crush on a student at the school, who’s so hot I can’t stop thinking about him in a porn way. I keep imagining him naked with an erection! That’s how hot he is.) so I guess it’s possible that my subconscious made me something of a bad date last night.

I’m not sure what exactly it was that I did that put him off me, but it could have been any one of the following:

  • I was drunk when I arrived and proceeded to get much drunker.
  • At the restaurant he, for reasons I do not understand, started talking about his ex girlfriend and how he could have settled down with her and had kids with her and stuff (yes, he brought up kids AGAIN) but they broke up and now he’s not sure he wants them (a total contradiction from last time. Presumably he was trying to undo some of that damage – Uh, try shutting the fuck up about kids, buddy!). I then went on for QUITE A WHILE about how I don’t ever want children, ever. \o/
  • So then I asked what happened with his ex and why they broke up and he looked mildly uncomfortable and said these exact words: “We aborted a baby.”

    I responded like this: “What the fuck do you mean, ‘we’?”, and then we had an argument about it. This pretty much made me think he was a complete twat. I mean, I get that it can be hard for the guy as well and all that shit, but don’t say WE had an abortion to a WOMAN for fuck’s sake.
  • Then I went outside for a cigarette and ran into a friend of mine. I talked to her for ages and when I went back inside James had paid the bill and was like, “Let’s go!” It was 9.30.

  • So yeah. If I hear from him again I will die of shock.



    And on a completely separate topic, can anyone recommend me some Smallville fic that has an unhappy or unsettling ending? Any pairing or rating with bonus points for a lyrical tone. Don't worry, I haven't had a personality transplant. This request is on behalf of the lovely radioreverie. Btw, she's read Immortality and Yellow Means Slow already.
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